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third semester
Fragfist teaser | Animago entry
Fragfist teaser | Animago entryFragfist teaser | Animago entry
second semester
Fragfist Dirttrack is the Games Convention '05 Demo.
It was developed during second semester at Games Academy.
You drive a futuristic Buggy armed with rockets over a postapocalyptic dirttrack.
Perform crazy jumps and crash into all kinds of physic props.
This is the trailer for Fragfist Dirttrack. It was created from Realtime inGame Footage only.
Credit for Music goes out to Felix Schulz. You'll need XVid Video Codec for this Video.
These small Videos show most of the features from the Fragfist Dirttrack Demo.
These small Videos show most of the features from the Fragfist Dirttrack Demo.
These small Videos show most of the features from the Fragfist Dirttrack Demo.
Convention DemoConvention Demo
Physics VideoPhysics Video
Rockets VideoRockets Video
Jump VideoJump Video
first semester
This Demo was developed during the first semester at Games Academy.
The intention was to demonstrate our basic gamedesign idea for Fragfist.
With very poor but fun controls you can drive a tank through an urban enviroment.
You can shoot with the maingun and some objects will "react".
This Video is captured in game. A tank drives through a city and shoots.
Check out the cool impact effects. The video is compiled using XviD.
GABalls is a multiplayer deathmatch map for HalflifeČ.
The task was to reinvent a classic computer game. We chose Pong!
And brought it's basic gameplay into HalflifeČ.
This video is captured during a one-on-one GABalls Session.
It's compiled using XviD.
Gamedesign DemoGamedesign Demo
Fragfist Demo VideoFragfist Demo Video
GABalls Ingame Vid.GABalls Ingame Vid.
A very good video codec. Easily download and install it. Some Fragfist Videos are compiled with this codec.
Thank you.
Some players experienced a certain problem with missing .dll files, when running our applications.
To solve this problem simply copy the .dlls inside this archieve into the release folder of the demo.
XVid Video CodecXVid Video Codec
DirectX missing .dllsDirectX missing .dlls
Gameface is the cultural German game-developer magazine.
It issues about every two months and is pretty popular due to it's articles about game-development and everything closer related to that topic.
We were asked to write an article for them, about the use of the NovodeX physics-engine in our project.Our article has become four pages long and shows a very cool rockstar-esque photo of Marcel, Stephan and Jens, as well as some exciting shots from our GC '05 demo.
GamestarDev is a new German game-developer magazine. It offers indepth insights into the national and international developer's-scene.GamestarDev is going to feature a series of articles about Games Academy projects in their upcoming issues, they chose Fragfist to start with.Benjamin Blum (Editor, GamePro/GamestarDev) wrote the article and did a really cool job. He captured the Fragfist mood perfectly.
Please visit their website and subscribe for GamestarDev.
GamePro is the independent, critical testmagazine for recent game-consoles.
They started a series about games-development education in Germany.
Thus their recent issue features an article about current Games-Academy student-projects including Fragfist.
A Picture from the Berlin newspaper "Berliner Morgenpost". It shows Marcel, Cornelius and Simon (from AMOC) discussing the latest version of Fragfist Dirrtrack.
The Telekom's "Hot Spot" magazine reported about the Games Academy. This photo shows Jens' Desktop with Jens Cornelius and Marcel playing Fragfist Dirttrack.
The recent issue of Games Academy Newsletter features an article about Fragfist. Together with our colleagues from "Spielraum 42" we are going to do a public Making of: session.
We meet on Saturday November 26th from 14pm to 17pm. We're going to talk about our education at the GA from first semester till today. Focus will be the development of the Demo for the Games Convention.
It's going to be a fun afternoon. See ya!
Berliner MorgenpostBerliner Morgenpost
Telekom Hot SpotTelekom Hot Spot
GA NewsletterGA Newsletter