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FragFist wird von Studenten der Games Academy entwickelt.
Die Games Academy wurde 2000 als erste Spezialschule für den Bereich der Computer- und Videospielproduktion im deutschssprachigen Bereich gegründet.

From our Games Academy colleagues:
Amoc is a high velocity arcade shooter, the player controls an armed mech that flies through impressive landscapes with breathtaking speed. Firing devastating weapons at incoming enemies. Comparable with "Rebel Assault" and "Cyberia".

From our Games Academy colleagues:
Twilight is a real-time strategy game taking place on a distant planet, where two factions fight a supremacy war. Clever strategies and tactics are required to win this battle.

Von unseren Kollegen an der Games Academy:
Spielraum42 präsentiert: Tummy Trundle. The Legend of Tummy Trundle ist ein total beklopptes, ironisch-sarkastisches 3D Adventure.


Ogre3D, die Opensource Engine mit der FragFist entwickelt wird.
OGRE v1.0 [Azathoth] represents the culmination of 4 years of continuous development, resulting in what is now regarded by many as the leading open source real time 3D rendering engine.

Stephan Unverwerths: skate - 3d game engine
S.k.a.t.e (Special kick ass technology engine)
Auf dieser Engine wurde das GameplayDemo von FragFist entwickelt.

"The AGEIA PhysX SDK (formerly NovodeX) is a stable, high-performance solution for game developers to enable physics-based gameplay and effects in PC and game console titles."
Fragfist runs with NovodeX a very fast and well documented physics-engine. Free for non-commercial projects.

RakNET by Rakkarsoft [...] was developed specifically for rapid development of online games and the addition of multiplayer to single player games.

e-labb solutions
ist ein junges dynamisches Unternehmen, dass verschiedene Internetdienstleistungen anbietet.
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GamestarDev is a new German game-developer magazine. It offers indepth insights into the nationaland international developer's-scene. GamestarDev is going to feature a series of articles aboutGames Academy projects in their upcoming issues, they chose Fragfist to start with.
Please visit their website and subscribe for GamestarDev.
You can download our GamestarDev article from the Media-Section.

Gameface is the cultural German games-developer magazine.
It issues about every two months and is pretty popular due to it's articles about game-developmentand everything closer related to that topic.
Please check out our article for Gameface in the Media-Section.